Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Almost 3 weeks

This blogging thing probably won't work out. I'm WAY too lazy, just check my facebook instead.
Anyway I've been here almost 3 weeks and it's already had it's ups and downs. My first week here was not that great and I was very homesick. Second week things started out good and stayed okay. Week 3 looks like it will be very good and fun! I now have a group of friends and it really makes all the difference plus this weekend I have an AFS orientation with all the other people here in the Netherlands. I'm sooo excited because all of the American AFSers are really close and I can't wait to hear about all of their experiences so far.
Right now I'm in my second week of school. School is so much different but I think I'm getting the hang of it (hopefully...). The schedule is different every day and I have to be at school and get out at different times every day. I'm taking a LOT of classes so I'll just explain each one (Don't know whats going on most of time anyway)
Nederlands - Dutch. Enough said. Very boring because I just sit there and have to do my stupid dutch AFS worksheets. poopy class
Geschiedenis- History. Right now we are watching a movie (Valkyrie) so I actually know whats going on because movies here are in English with Dutch subtitles.
Wiskunde - Math. I'm really good at math but all we do is FREAKING WORD PROBLEMS!!! WHYYYYY?
Levensbeschowing - Religion. This class seems really interesting. Too bad I can't understand any of it. The teacher gives me work in English though so it's all good.
Gym - Same. Stupid I don't like sports.
Maatschappijleer - Society and current events. Seems interesting I can do some of the work though the teacher usually explains it to me after class.
Frans - French. Okay foriegn language I don't know taught in a foriegn language I don't know. Why I'm in this class I don't know.
Muziek - Music. I can follow along because I already know everything he teaches us (Middle c, really??)
Engles - English. My favorite class because I can actually be a student and participate.

I might be missing one but I think that's it.
In the time being things are looking great and I hope everything works out well.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Berlin and Bass Guitars

My host fam found me a bass!!!!!! They are so sweet! I can't wait to meet them!
I'm also going to Berlin on September 14 for three days with my class!!!

What else...
I started a Rosetta Stone Dutch program. It's actually really fun and I've learned alot from it.
Thanks Carlo :P

Almost a week til I go to Santa Fe!!!


Thursday, June 30, 2011

For the lesser informed...

Alright here's the latest:

  • SCHOOL!!!! Just picked out some of my classes, for next year. School starts on August 30, and we will be taking a class trip to Berlin for three days during my third week!!! I'm REALLY looking forward to that. My school is called Elzendaal College and it's in the city of Boxmeer. http://www.elzendaalcollege.nl/ That's the school's website. Beware though, it's all in Dutch....
  • Also here is the website for the town I'll be in, Ven-Zelderheide. http://www.ven-zelderheide.nl/ It's all in Dutch too....

Friday, June 10, 2011

Even newer news

So today I got my flight schedule!!!!!! YAY, it's all getting so real!
Anyways I will be leaving on the 18 of august, but it is mandatory that I be in NYC on the 17. That day I have a big orientation, which is also really exciting because they're really fun!
So from NYC I will be flying to Reykjavik! YES! ICELAND! Kind of random I know.
From Iceland I go to Amsterdam!!!!!!!!
And in Amsterdam I have a four day long orientation.
Not exactly sure whats going to happen after the orientation though, my host fam will still be on vacation so I will have a temp host fam. So we will see...

Tot Ziens!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Okay so these are the latest developments:

MY TUITION HAS BEEN PAID!!!!!!!!! I was succesful in raising 2,000 dollars towards my tuition with everyone's help! Thank you so much:
Lewis Kirk & Family
Carson Family
Gilbert Kirk
Stancie Chamberlain & Dan Guittierez
Monica Savino & Dustin Aldridge
Jim Garrett & Christine Becker
Melinda & Lee Hipp
Auchter Family
Anderson Family
Jeff Robinson
Dixie Waters
Stephen Lanb
Mark Barnette
Will Samson
Lucy Bujnoch
Brad White
Cynthia Hallowell
Becker family
David Markham
Virginia Hostetter
Joanne "Chicks" McGowan
Allen Barnhill

Hmm what else.... I've been chatting with my host fam and they are great!
I'm getting more excited by the day, and there are only 66 days until I leave!!!!


p.s. Happy drieendertigste verjaardag, Matt Bellamy!!!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

First Contact

So I emailed my host family this week and they sent a nice letter back. The seem really nice and I can't wait to meet them.
The father is a plantbreeder, the mother is a nurse and a masseuse, the son is 15 and plays soccer, and the daughter is 12 and she plays clarinet too!
The town I'll be in is called Ven-Zelderheide and it right on the border with Germany. The population is around 800 so I'll be going to school in another town called Boxmeer which is 9 miles away. That also means I'll be riding my bike 18 miles a day!

I'm hoping I'll get to go to Germany a bunch because I will be literally 2,000 feet away!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I can't believe it! I got my host family!!!!  It's a mother, father, son, and daughter both younger than me. Although the son is 15 too.
They live in the south, and the area is called Limburg. And the town (of 800 people!!!!) is right on the border of Germany.
I'm so excited!
I'm wondering if I should email them, or just wait for them to contact me....